1434 S. Henderson Ave. Dallas TX 75223 us

2017 Auction Schedule

Date                   Time
January 4, 2017   Postponed

January 18, 2017   Cancelled
February 1, 2017  Completed
March 1, 2017  Completed
April 5, 2017  Completed
May 10, 2017  10:00 AM
June 7 2017  10:00 AM
July 5, 2017  10:00 AM

August 2, 2017 10:00 AM
September 6, 2017  10:00 AM
October 4, 2017  10:00 AM

November 1, 2017 10:00 AM
December 6, 2017 10:00 AM


     Monthly we hold a public auction of police & private impounded vehicles.
     Some of these vehicles run & have keys and some do not. Some of these vehicles are wrecked and some are not. Some have been abandoned and some were not. We do not know the history of any of these vehicles-repair or otherwise.

     There is no warranty express or implied. All vehicles sell as-is where-is.
     The police impounded vehicles will receive an auction sales receipt and the private impounded vehicles will receive a storage lien. We mark the private impounded vehicles with 'UA', 'DART', 'PVT', 'USPS', 'VA', or 'DISD'& the police impounded vehicles are marked with the department that requested the impound such as 'DSO' for the Dallas Sheriff's Department.
     Gates open at 9:00 A.M. for viewing of the vehicles & registration with the auctioneer. Auction starts at 10:00 A.M. You need to bring a valid ID & a $200.00 refundable cash deposit in order to register.

     We DO NOT allow any pre-viewing of the auction except for the hour prior to the sale on the day of the sale.
     This is a
LIVE auction.
     All vehicles that have keys & are able to start will be started as we go through the auction. The keys will be retained by us until the close of the auction. You must pay the auctioneer for the vehicle(s) & have your pink invoice to obtain the key. However all vehicles do not have keys. We do try to have a locksmith on hand at the close of the auction for your convenience to assist in making keys for the vehicles you purchase without keys. The fee to make the key is the buyers responsibility and the locksmith's prices are his alone we accept no responsibility regarding those fees.
     The vehicles must be removed from our lot by 6:00 P.M. the Saturday following the auction or you will be required to pay storage charges of $20.00 per day beginning at 6:01 P.M. the Saturday following the auction plus all applicable tax. If the vehicle is not removed before the next scheduled auction & all storage plus tax fees due are paid the vehicle will be re-sold. No refunds will be given in this event.

     Our next scheduled auction is May 10, 2017. There approximately 92 vehicles slated for this auction. Approximately 61 are police impounds and the remaining 31 are private impounds.
     We are located at 1434 S. Henderson Ave. Dallas, TX. 75223. Dallas Mapsco 46M. Please feel free to email me at leeannapollo@yahoo.com anytime or call 214-748-9099 (ask for Lee Ann) Monday through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. for more details or directions

Apollo Delivery & Wrecker Service Inc.

Our auctions are handled by JD Newell Auctioneers. You can check them out at www.JDNEWELL.com

Following is a list of slated vehicles:

Ticket YR Make Model Type Reason Key

Ticket YR Make Model Type Reason Key
45301-A 00 Big Tex 25GN POLICE Accident N/A
49071 00 BMW 528I POLICE Arrest YES
49240 05 Buick LaCrosse POLICE Accident YES
49358 01 Buick LeSabre POLICE Accident YES
45875 78 Chevy Camaro POLICE Abandoned No
48948 98 Chevy Suburban POLICE Accident YES
49134 11 Chevy Aveo POLICE Accident YES
49251 06 Chevy Impala POLICE Accident IV
49272 05 Chevy Silverado POLICE Accident YES
49753 06 Chevy Aveo POLICE Accident YES
49216 01 Chrsler T & Country POLICE Accident YES
45600 82 Clement Trailer POLICE Accident N/A
48589 95 Dodge Ram POLICE Suspended License YES
47636 07 Ford Taurus POLICE Accident YES
48982 06 Ford C. Victoria POLICE Abandoned IV
49078 04 Ford Explorer POLICE Abandoned No
49188 04 Ford Explorer POLICE Accident No
49252 01 Ford Expedition POLICE Accident YES
49296 03 Ford Taurus POLICE Accidemt IV
49323 97 Ford Explorer POLICE Arrest YES
45955 07 Freightliner Coronado POLICE Burned No
49317 83 GMC 1500 POLICE No DL No
45153 02 Honda Accord POLICE Accident YES
48883 95 Honda Accord POLICE Abandoned No
49077 97 Honda Odyssey POLICE Accident No
49181 98 Honda Civic POLICE Abandoned YES
49763 94 Honda Civic POLICE Accident YES
49730 88 Honda Accord POLICE Arrest YES
49394 00 Infiniti G-20 POLICE Accident No
49356 00 Isuzu Trooper POLICE Accident No
39354 08 Kaufman Carryall POLICE Accident N/A
44072 01 Kenworth Tractor POLICE Accident No
49399 03 Kia Rio Cinco POLICE Accident No
49433 05 KIa Spectra POLICE Accident YES
49752 06 Kia Rio POLICE Accident IV
49139 08 Lincoln MKZ POLICE No DL YES
49741 98 Lincoln Navigator POLICE Abandoned No
49325 04 Lincoln Aviator POLICE Arrest YES
49449 07 Mazda M-6 POLICE Accident No
48992 97 Mercury Tracer POLICE Accident YES
49254 97 Mercury G. Marquis POLICE Accident No
49276 00 Mercury G. Marquis POLICE Arrest YES
49757 09 Mini Cooper POLICE Accident No
49304 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse POLICE Burned No
49119 03 Nissan Altima POLICE Arrest YES
49241 99 Nissan Altima POLICE No DL No
49257 99 Nissan Sentra POLICE Accident YES
49278 09 Nissan Altima POLICE No DL No
49353 09 Nissan Versa POLICE Accident No
49286 89 Pontiac Bonneville POLICE No DL No
49300 06 Pontiac G-6 POLICE Accident YES
49419 05 Scion XB POLICE No DL YES
49755 01 Suzuki GSX-R-600 POLICE Accident YES
48208 96 Toyota Camry POLICE Accident YES
48802 96 Toyota Camry POLICE Accident YES
49221 98 Toyota Avalon POLICE Stolen YES
49247 97 Toyota Corolla POLICE Accident No
49269 97 Toyota Camry POLICE Accident YES
49318 05 Toyota Corolla POLICE None Listed IV
49459 06 Volvo S-60 POLICE Accident YES
49303 99 Volvo S-70 POLICE None Listed No
47713 87 Cadillac Allante PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49136 05 Cadillac CTS PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48060 05 Chevy Avalanche PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48704 84 Chevy Cruise Air II PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49234 98 Chevy Monte Carlo PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48786 08 Dodge Avenger PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
46417 95 Fontaine Flatbed PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
45934 97 Ford E-350 PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
46639 96 Ford F-350 PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49046 99 Ford C. Victoria PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49172 00 Ford Taurus PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49236 01 Ford Taurus PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49261 02 Ford Ranger PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48144 01 Freightliner Century Clssc PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49225 04 Honda Pilot PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49283 97 Honda Civic PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48721 98 Hyundai 53' Dry Van PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49158 00 Jeep G.Cherokee PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48611 06 Lufkin 53' Dry Van PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking N/A
49231 97 Nissan Maxima PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49233 97 Nissan Sentra PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49263 03 Nissan Sentra PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
44785 Unk Paddle Boat With Trailer PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49227 89 Pontiac Sunbird PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49226 02 Saturn SL-2 PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49250 06 Scion TC PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
41367 09 Toyota Sequoia PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
49081 99 Toyota Camry PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking YES
48985 98 Toyota Avalon PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48144-A 00 Utility 53' Dry Van PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking No
48720 99 Wabash 53' Dry Van PRIVATE Unauthorized Parking N/A


Jerry Newell-TX9333