Apollo Delivery & Wrecker Service Inc.

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Private Property (Unauthorized) Vehicle Towing

For numerous business' and apartment complexes around the Metroplex we provide towing of vehicles that are left on your property that do not belong there.

If you are having problems with people leaving vehicles on your property in these areas:

  • On the Grass
  • Blocking your Driveway or Exit
  • Blocking your Dumpsters
  • Parking in Reserved spaces
  • Parking in Fire Lanes
  • Visitors in Resident spaces

Other problems we can help you with on your property:

  • 'For Sale' Vehicles staged on your lot
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Inoperable-on jacks/blocks or with flats
  • Expired registration or inspection
  • Vehicles without resident or visit permits
  • Tractor/Trailers

All tows are at the vehicle owner's or operator's expense. There is no charge to the business for this service. We are a 'call-only' tower, meaning we do not patrol your property. We have state & city approved signs & comply with all state and city mandated regulations regarding private property towing.

Give us a call and let us help you with your parking problems.